Aside from the fact that we have a large product catalogue, we can also manufacture bespoke items tailored to our customers’ needs.

Catalogo Tope de Puerta Suelo Herrajes Evi

Floor-mounted Door Stops

Door stops attached to the floor. You’ll find door stops and door stops with rotating retainers in different materials and finishes.

Tope Suelo Retenedor Herrajes Evi
Topes Suelo Adhesivo Laton Herrajes Evi
Topes Suelo Tornillo Herrajes Evi

Wall-mounted Door Stops

Door stops attached to the wall. We design door stops of different lengths designed to be positioned at the height of the door handle or wall and skirting board.

Tope Pared Herrajes Evi
Tope Pared Extensible Laton Herrajes Evi
Tope Pared Manilla Herrajes Evi

Knobs and Handles

Minimalist, elegant designs in different finishes for doors and furniture.

Pomo Puerta Herrajes Evi
Tirador Armario Herrajes Evi

Numbers, Letters and Signs

Designed for houses and/or doorways. We manufacture different signs and 3mm-thick stainless-steel plaques. 

Pictogramas Herrajes Evi
Numero Herrajes Evi
Letras Herrajes Evi

Stainless-steel Brackets

They can be used in many ways, from decorative purposes to use in warehouses as they can bear heavy loads. 

Escuadras Herrajes Evi
Escuadras Regulables Herrajes Evi
Escuadras Lisas Herrajes Evi

Wall-mounted Hooks or Pegs

Wall-mounted accessories to hang towels, bathrobes or clothing in different shapes and sizes made using matte stainless steel. 

Percha Herrajes Evi
Gancho Herrajes Evi
Gancho Percha Herrajes Evi

Barrel Bolt Latch

Available in different sizes for your doors. Cylindrical stainless steel design with a sophisticated style.

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