Brass door stop, 35mm high, 18024X35

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Door stop manufactured in Herrajes EVI’s facilities with solid brass bars. Thanks to its 24øx35mm dimensions, it is also suitable for heavier doors. Designed with a protective rubber to prevent damage to your walls and doors. Installation with screw and floor fixing.

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This is a decorative door stop with a height of 35mm. Its installation is done by screwing the stop to the floor, thus achieving greater fixation and security. Manufactured in the facilities of Herrajes EVI with solid brass bars providing a high resistance to corrosion and obtaining a high quality stop.

This door stopper protects and takes care of your door walls thanks to its design with a protective silicone rubber. In this way we cushion the possible blows and / or impacts.

Thanks to its size of 24øx35mm this stopper is suitable for heavy doors or entrance doors. It is available in several models and finishes to bring decoration and personality to your space. The different finishes are:

– Matt satin brass with black silicone rubber.

– Matt satin brass with white silicone rubber.

– Aged leather finish brass with black silicone rubber.

The dimensions of the stopper are: 24 millimeters in diameter, 35 millimeters in height and 30 millimeters in diameter including the protective rubber.

How to install the stopper:

  1. Choose the place of installation and mark the location for drilling.
  2. Drill the hole with the appropriate tool.
  3. Clean the remains of the material with a damp cloth.
  4. Place the dowel and screw the base of the stop to the floor.
  5. Screw the body of the stopper to the base.

Leather finish brass – Black rubber, Satin matt brass – Black rubber, Satin matt brass – White rubber

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