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Brass door stop with different decorative finishes. To be placed on the floor. Manufactured with brass for a durable and quality stopper. Easy installation with adhesive. Designed with a protective silicone rubber. Available in different models. Dimensions: 28øx20mm.

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This is a floor mounted door stop. It is manufactured in EVI Herrajes facilities with solid brass bars to create a durable and high quality door stop. Designed with a protective silicone rubber to protect and care for your doors and walls from any bumps or impacts.

As for the installation of your door stop, it is installed on the floor and offers a double-sided 3M brand pad. It is a simple installation without the need for tools.

This door stop is available in several finishes to add personality and decoration to your room. Thanks to its brass material we obtain an elegant and modest finish. The available models are as follows:

– Matt satin brass with black silicone rubber.

– Matt satin brass with white silicone rubber.

– Brass antique leather finish with black silicone rubber.

– Brass rustic finish with black silicone rubber.

Install your doorstop and don’t worry about it:

  1. Choose the installation location. *
  2. Clean the surface with a damp cloth, making sure that there is no residue. 3.
  3. Without removing the protective film of the adhesive, slightly heat the adhesive pad of the stopper with a hairdryer to enhance its adhesion capacity.
  4. Remove the protective film without touching the adhesive with your hands, as it could lose its adhesion properties.
  5. Install the doorstop in the desired location and press firmly for 1 minute. **
  6. After installation, wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set so that it can perform its function as a stopper correctly.

*We do not recommend the installation of adhesive door stoppers on rough floors, in that case we recommend the stoppers with screw fixation.

**We recommend not to move the stop once installed. We do not ensure an effective fixation in subsequent installations.


Leather finish brass – Black rubber, Rustic finish brass – Black rubber, Satin matt brass – Black rubber, Satin matt brass – White rubber

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